First multi-platform release: Chibi Akuma's
2018-08-21 16:40:00 / Publications / Comments 0
First multi-platform release: Chibi Akuma\'s - First multi-platform game: Chibi Akuma\'s

»Chibi Akuma's« by Akuyou is's first multi-platform release on four Z80 systems. The Bullet Hell Shooter is released for Amstrad CPC, MSX 2, ZX Spectrum 128k und Enterprise 128!

The Story:

The most evil, and most chibi vampire is back! And this time no Z80 computer is safe!
When monsters invade her homeland, vampire Chibiko is going to unleash an unholy ass kicking!
Join vampire Chibiko, and her Ghoul Brother Bochan in the crazyest arcade-style bullet hell shooter your computer has ever seen!

»Chibi Akuma's« has all the features other games are too scared to include:
  • 4 levels of multi-directional shooter action
  • Weird enemies, and huge end of level boss battles
  • Simultanious 2 player arcade action
  • up to 256 bullets on screeen in levels
  • and up to 1280 bullets in the last boss battle
  • Cartoon cutscenes
  • Twisted humor
  • And the worst role-model ever seen in a computer game!