Golden Tail - Collector's Edition - Kassette

Artikelnummer: PP0013

System: Amstrad/Schneider CPC

Ausstattung der Collector's Edition:
  • Jewel Case mit Einleger (große Doppelkassettenhülle)
  • achtseitiger Einleger mit Anleitung
  • Pappschuber
  • rote Kassette mit goldenem Aufdruck
  • eine Kitsune-Figur
  • in Folie eingeschweißt

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The Shogun stole the Golden Tail and used its power to besiege Osaka Castle. He was unaware that the talisman would reveal his true nature, and his heart was evil ... The land rot and monsters were summoned, until Bishamon scattered the stone in 30 pieces, all over the doomed valley and the castle. It is said that the Golden Tail can be restored, perhaps this time for good ...

You play the ninja spy Kitsune, that is on a mission to to collect all 30 pieces of the Golden Tail.

Golden Tail is a classic platform game with tight jumps, several areas to explore, items to collect and enemies to avoid, but with an unusual mechanic based in the Kõga Magic that the hero, Kitsune, can perform.

Minimum system requirements: Amstrad CPC 464 or compatible with 64 kilobyte RAM and cassette drive

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