Kitsune's Curse - Collector's Edition - 3"-Diskette

Artikelnummer: PP0138

System: Amstrad/Schneider CPC

Ausstattung der Collector's Edition:
  • DIN-A5-Pappsbox
  • 3"-Diskette
  • SD-Karte mit Diskimages, MP3-Soundtrack und Extras
  • gedruckte Anleitung (englisch)
  • DIN-A3-Poster
  • Aufkleber
  • in Folie eingeschweißt

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Our hero Kitsune released Osaka Castle from evil by putting together the pieces of the Golden Tail, a magic stone with a great power. But not all ended well for everybody.
When the true nature of our hero Kitsune was revealed, the stone was stolen and something unexpected happened: he shape-shifted into a fox-man!
You play the role of the ninja spy, who is on a mission to recover the Golden Tail
?,? and hopefully use it to break ?Kitsune’s Curse?.

Some highlights:

  • Single player flip-screen platform action
  • 60 screens to explore
  • 8 enemy types with unique behaviour
  • Control by keyboard or joystick

This game is the continuation to Golden Tail, also published by

Minimum system requirements: Amstrad CPC 464 or compatible with 64 kilobyte RAM and 3" floppy disk drive

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