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The Curse of Trasmoz to be released in December
09.11.2019 21:43 | Comments 0
In December we release "The Curse of Trasmoz" by Volkano Bytes and DD Studios for ZX Spectrum on cassette and 3" diskette . The Story: In the 13th century the town of Trasmoz was more ...
Hibernated 1 - This Place is Death
25.12.2018 22:02 | Comments 0
" Hibernated 1 ", Pond ’s critically acclaimed ( A Crash Smash , Zzap!64 87% ) text adventure debut for Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Amiga, Atari ST and IBM PC physical editions comes more ...
New C64 Cartridge Series
23.12.2018 20:20 | Comments 0
With " MiniFlash ", " Fast Load ", " IEEE-488 Bus Cartridge " and " EasyFlash" appear the first pieces of a series of Commodore 64 cartridges, which are also suitable for occasional users. Because more ...
Teamed up with Pond
17.11.2018 21:10 | Comments 0
Pond Software have teamed up with to create physical editions of their games. First releases at the beginning of 2019 will be awesome text adventure game " Hibernated 1 " by Stefan more ...
New for the CPC: The Dawn of Kernel
21.08.2018 16:46 | Comments 0
Juan J. Martínez ( has once again released a great Amstrad CPC game. »The Dawn of Kernel« is a flip-screen shoot’em up requiring skill and reflexes to navigate a complex map full of deadly more ...
Zerosphere for Amiga and CD32 released
21.08.2018 16:46 | Comments 0
With »Zerosphere« by Heckmeck! publishes the first title for Amiga (diskette) and CD32 (CD-ROM) in two variants each: On the one hand as Collector's Edition in a box with some more ...
First multi-platform release: Chibi Akuma's
21.08.2018 16:40 | Comments 0
»Chibi Akuma's« by Akuyou is 's first multi-platform release on four Z80 systems. The Bullet Hell Shooter is released for Amstrad CPC , MSX 2 , ZX Spectrum 128k und more ...
Total entries: 7