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Important message for customers from the USA
02.04.2020 11:04 | Comments 0
Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, unfortunately no shipments to the USA are possible at present, as the logistics partners no longer accept shipments with this destination. All previous and incoming more ...
The Curse of Trasmoz to be released in December
09.11.2019 21:43 | Comments 0
In December we release "The Curse of Trasmoz" by Volkano Bytes and DD Studios for ZX Spectrum on cassette and 3" diskette . The Story: In the 13th century the town of Trasmoz was more ...
Hibernated 1 - This Place is Death
25.12.2018 22:02 | Comments 0
" Hibernated 1 ", Pond ’s critically acclaimed ( A Crash Smash , Zzap!64 87% ) text adventure debut for Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Amiga, Atari ST and IBM PC physical editions comes more ...
New C64 Cartridge Series
23.12.2018 20:20 | Comments 0
With " MiniFlash ", " Fast Load ", " IEEE-488 Bus Cartridge " and " EasyFlash" appear the first pieces of a series of Commodore 64 cartridges, which are also suitable for occasional users. Because more ...
Teamed up with Pond
17.11.2018 21:10 | Comments 0
Pond Software have teamed up with to create physical editions of their games. First releases at the beginning of 2019 will be awesome text adventure game " Hibernated 1 " by Stefan more ...
New for the CPC: The Dawn of Kernel
21.08.2018 16:46 | Comments 0
Juan J. Martínez ( has once again released a great Amstrad CPC game. »The Dawn of Kernel« is a flip-screen shoot’em up requiring skill and reflexes to navigate a complex map full of deadly more ...
Zerosphere for Amiga and CD32 released
21.08.2018 16:46 | Comments 0
With »Zerosphere« by Heckmeck! publishes the first title for Amiga (diskette) and CD32 (CD-ROM) in two variants each: On the one hand as Collector's Edition in a box with some more ...
First multi-platform release: Chibi Akuma's
21.08.2018 16:40 | Comments 0
»Chibi Akuma's« by Akuyou is 's first multi-platform release on four Z80 systems. The Bullet Hell Shooter is released for Amstrad CPC , MSX 2 , ZX Spectrum 128k und more ...
Total entries: 8