The Queen's Footsteps - Collector's Edition - C128 Diskette

Artikelnummer: PP0128

Entwickler: Davide Bucci
System: Commodore 128

Ausstattung der Collector's Edition:
  • 5,25"-Diskette
  • Kartonbox
  • MicroSD-Karte inkl. Disketten-Images und Bonusmaterial
  • Taschenspiegel im Leinensäckchen
  • achtseitige DIN-A5-Anleitung (englisch)
  • Sticker
  • Din-A3-Poster
  • in Folie eingeschweißt

Kategorie: Commodore 128

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Today is August 27th, 1904. Nine months ago, you, Emilia Vittorini, joined the Italian Archeological Expedition in Egypt led by Ernesto Schiaparelli, the director of the Egyptian Museum of Turin. You are now back in Genova, Italy: your steam ferry arrived three days ago with 25 wooden boxes containing Queen Nefertari Meritmut's grave goods, a real treasure! They left Genova by train, heading towards Turin, yesterday evening. While they were in transit, you were invited to a sumptuous reception organised by a wealthy art lover, Eugenio Collovati, count of Raligotto, but it would be hard to say that you appreciated the evening. But the reception was yesterday: now, you must catch the train to Turin and check that the treasure arrived safely. I will be your eyes and ears. Good luck.

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