New for the CPC: The Dawn of Kernel
2018-08-21 16:46:00 / Publications / Comments 0
New for the CPC: The Dawn of Kernel  - New for the CPC: The Dawn of Kernel

Juan J. Martínez ( has once again released a great Amstrad CPC game. »The Dawn of Kernel« is a flip-screen shoot’em up requiring skill and reflexes to navigate a complex map full of deadly enemies controlled by a rogue Artificial Intelligence.

Available on 3" diskette, 3.5" diskette and cassette

The Story:

A distress call has been received from the mining base on planet K3R-NL of the Leonis system. A virus has infected their network, causing a life support malfunction that has forced all personnel to evacuate the base.

The message includes an unauthorised payload: KERNEL LIVES

Ausstattung der Collector's Edition:

  • 3" or 3,5" Diskette or Cassette
  • MicroSD card including disk images, soundtrack and more
  • big, silver cardboard box
  • 8-page manual (DIN A5, English)
  • DIN A3 poster
  • Stickers