The Curse of Trasmoz to be released in December
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The Curse of Trasmoz to be released in December -

In December we release "The Curse of Trasmoz" by Volkano Bytes and DD Studios for ZX Spectrum on cassette and 3" diskette.

The Story:

In the 13th century the town of Trasmoz was excommunicated for its pagan practices and its inhabitants were cursed forever ... The population was decimated until it became a ghost town, diseases and all sorts of evils on children, animals and crops made this an abandoned place left by the hand of God.
Until now no one had dared to approach Trasmoz again, there is talk of dangerous creatures of the night, witches and living dead who protect the place run by the evil magician Mutamin: Immortal servant of the devil and master of the inaccessible castle and the watchtower ...
But tonight is the night of the dead and the moon is full again ... The time has come, as the prophecy says: »When the full moon crowns the night of all saints, a brave hero will break the curse forever, He will sanctify the place with the fire of wandering souls, when they are liberated.«
You are the hero chosen to fulfill this dangerous mission ... Will you be able to free Trasmoz from his curse before the sun rises again?

Some Game Highlights:

  • Single screen arcade platformer
  • 3 areas with more than 20 levels to puzzle out
  • 4 enemy types with unique behavior to defeat
  • Amazing ingame music for the 128 kB versions
  • Control by keyboard, Kempston or Joystick